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A couple of weeks ago, I was heading to the Doctor’s office. I knew that parking on the street in front of the office was always packed. And to be honest, I didn’t feel like taking a hike to get to the front doors. So, I did what any lazy woman would do. I prayed …

Good News Daily Scripture Writing


I recently had a conversation with a friend on FaceBook where we talked about my penchant for carrying around a box of my favorite cereal everywhere with me as a youngster. Which reminded me of this writing that I wrote for Good News Daily in 2008… Psalm 119:49-72 When I took a long, careful look …



I photographed this mama squirrel after she was hurrying to hide her babies from a nearby Osprey.  She came down really close to me to collapse on the branch.  I figured that she saw me as the lesser of two evils.  I think she also knew that the Osprey would leave her alone as long as I …


Sibling Joy

My Dad and my Aunt Nancy are so goofy together.  This is probably one of my favorite photographs I’ve taken of the two of them.  They were on their best behavior here.  Seconds later they were out of control and crazy!  LOL